More about us

Our values

Everything we do, is based on our ideals and visions.
Which are enormously important to us. They are the foundation for our success and quality.

On this page we would like to give you a short insight, what the values of our association are.


Our members are brilliant, young technicians from many different fields. We try to stay at the top, never missing out on a chance to learn something new. Using our knowledge and that of our community to come up with new ideas and projects.


Teamwork is an essential aspect. It should be productive and fun working as a team. For that reason and because we like a good party we organize many different teambuilding events and meetings. Where we talk about our Projects and news, have a good time, laugh and be merry.


All of us are from Switzerland.
What we do is swiss made. We think, that everyone can benefit from local sustainable hard work.
Yet we live in a global world. It’s important and often beneficial to work with people from other countries.


Our highes goal is are content project partners and good, satisfying results.
To create something grat together, is the best of feelings.


The best solution through concept!
We alwasy want to find the best solution. It’s the everyday challenge of finding how to balance; speed, quality and price. A throughout analysis of the problem and a precise concept are often the key for efficient work and a sucessful project.

Environmentally friendly

This is the only planet we have. We should respect and cherish it. We do our best to keep transport distances at a minimum. Produce as much as possible localy and save as much energy as possible. It is our goal to be part of a sustainable economy, which doesn’t destroy our planet and works hand in hand with other countries.


Success is a choice, lets grab it. If we can help you and you can help us on the way… great! The more people can profit the better. Lets go get a beer.