Almost every organization needs money to finance its self. Next to the regular sources of income, we try to earn enough to cover your expenses.

Thanks to our members coming from a multitude of different technical areas, we are able to offer a very broad palette of skills and know-how.

Below you will find a list of them. It’s to give a potential project partner an overview of what we can do. It would be superfluous to list it all.


We have many years of experience in Electronics Engineering. Containing the following categories

  • High Power
  • Microcontroller
  • Signal processing
  • Analog Electronics
  • Control Engineering
  • Audio
  • Radio Systems
  • and many more

PCB Assembly

New! We are now able to do assembly services with our new pick-and-place machine.
We’re able to assemble small prototype series up to about 100 pcs or even more.

Here you can find further information about our service: Assembly Service


From sketch to object. In one step.
We have multiple 3D printers, which offer a fill of possibilities.
Send us your finished 3D model (as *.STL or similar) or let our able Designing Engineers make a design for you.

The document BLSD1504 holds all the relevant information to the service.
The document can also be found in the sidebar.



We do webdesign and Programming for everyone. Fair prices, fast and good.
If you’re interested in a CMS based Website or a completely new Website built from Scratch, we can do it. See Projekte -> Webseiten/Webapps. (I’ll translate it soon).



We can also do high performance simulation and calculations. If you are interested, please contact us directly.


Application programming is our daily business.
Regardless if iOS in Swift or Objective C, Android, PHP, JQuery, C ,C# C++, Delphi, Java.. we have someone in our association who can do it.


We’re living in a consumerist society, but throwing away isn’t always the best solution. We believe, that fixing stuff has a future. So if you have a broken device which means something to you, we can fix it.


Knowledge is power, we have the power to give you knowledge. We can help you, if you need training or coaching in one of the following possibilities:

  • 3D-Printing, the idea is only the beginning
  • CAD
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Digital Design
  • Programming
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Your Project

Make it our project. We can help make reality out of your vision. We love to create new cool ideas. Every person can have that idea. We’re there to assist you on that long stony road.