8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM


High speed: Fast access time: 55/65/70 ns (max)
Low power
Standby: 10μ
W (typ) (L/L-SL version)
Operation: 75 mW (typ) (f = 1 MHz)
Single 5 V supply
Completely static memory No clock or timing strobe required
Equal access and cycle times
Common data input and output: Three state output
Directly TTL compatible: All inputs and outputs
Capability of battery backup operation (L/L-SL version)

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HM628512LFP7 – 002023T0
524288-word × 8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM

The Hitachi HM628512 is a 4-Mbit static RAM organized 512-kword × 8-bit. It realizes igher density, higher performance and low power consumption by employing 0.5 μm Hi-CMOS process technology. The device, packaged in a 525-mil SOP (foot print pitch width) or 400-mil TSOP TYPE II or 600-mil plastic DIP, is available for high density mounting. LP-version is suitable for battery backup system


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